Do I have everything I need

My grow room is 4in wide 7ft tall I ordered a 48×48×78 grow tent 600watt light reflector magnetic ballast kit comes with lights hood and automatic timer 4in fan an filter combo.I just want to make sure I have everything I need what would be the best soil or fertilizer I should get and can I get this one grow tent for the whole grow process. Thanks again any info helps concerned beginner.


Hi, yeah you can use that tent for the entire grow, myself personally I like to use a 6" centrifugal fan for a 600w hid as it will exhaust more heat from the hid, I don’t know much at all about soil growing but Dutch Master nutrients are great just ask latewood it is what he uses and actually grew a clone into a lb plant in a 5gal bubbler!! I too am going to use Dutch Master (advanced series same as lw) when I run out of canna nutes another good thing with DM nutes is it is suitable for all media and it is very well priced!
You will need to get some other thing such as a Ph meter Ph up/down and a tds ppm ec meter fairly cheap on Ebay, I just use a Ph pen and ecmeter, but anything else you will be able to get as you go along.

Cheers, happy growing, Brendan.

Thanks for the “props”. :smiley:

I think you have a great set up. Now pay attention to your seedlings. Do not over water them, do nto allow them to dry up. After initial propagation; (wetting medium and waiting for seed to sprout); Use a spray bottle to apply moisture to the seedlings, 2-3-4 times a day., depending on humidity.

is water suppose to drain at bottom for seedlings or just mist them with a spray bottle :crying_cat_face::joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat::smiley_cat::pray: