Do clones from autos start over at stage 0?

Do clones that you cut start over at ground zero, or start at the stage they were cut off at?

There is no start over with autos, the clone will go into flowering same time as it’s mother, why cloning autos is really not worth doing.


Thank you!!!

Now I know… was very curious…

And can I assume conversely, that since regular photo period cannabis is only triggered into flowering based on light on vs off cycle, that those clones are at your desire whenever you think they are big enough to force into flowering?


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These clones were cut 117 days ago. They are about 24" and have been topped and pruned many times

Some other clones from the same mother cut the same time

What a difference six hours of light makes


Is this the start of a flower?

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Hard telling. Right now looks like new growth. If you see hairs in a day or two then yes

Plant is looking a little sickly. Might want to ask someone for help diagnosing that… Cant tell if its flowering yet though