DIY CO2 dripper, an effective and budget friendly solution 😉 😇

Like promise, here’s a DIY CO2 dripper…:wink:

First, you’ll need a banana holder like this :

Second, you’ll need a little soda bottle like that :

Third you’ll need a wartertight container like this :

Choose one that’s gone a fit :wink:

Fourth, some duct tape, a drill with the smallest drill bit, a needle, baking soda and vinegar.

So, for the most important, the dripper :

First, take the cork and releave the inside rubber and punch 3 needle holes on it. You may need more holes, depends on how much flow you need and it really depend on temperature and pressur , experience’s will tell you…:wink:

Make a center hole in the cork with your drill and replace the inside rubber.

Fill the bottle with vinaiger and screw on the cork …

Drill 10 holes, more or less depend on how large is your bowl, on the lid of the container… put baking soda on the main container and close…

Fix the vinegar bottle upside down on the banana holder with duct tape, put the baking soda container bellow and “voilà” you just make your self a DIY CO2 dripper :wink: :innocent:

Be warn that it’s a chemical reaction that is producing an endothermic situation , in a small closet setting, it will cause a drop of temperature of about 2-3 degree , it’s good if you have over heat problem but can be a problem if you have under heat situation…

If you notice running over or over flow , just place another container bellow the first one and if you’re fearful , just put a towel beneath it :wink::innocent:

I hope that topic is gone a be an helpful one for the community​:wink::innocent: and that said with all of my love and humility :heart_eyes::innocent:


Great tutorial on how to make your own CO2 atmosphere, I like the idea


Thanks @AmnesiaHaze :grinning::innocent:

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That’s some awesome teaching! You actually taught the class better than when i took horticulture in college. I find a lot of people here are more knowledgeable in plant science than a lot of academics out there.


@brazosdave , thanks for the kind word​:innocent:, I take it with great honnor, sir​:relaxed:. Thanks for the loyal service you did in your country :+1:

I have study in a scientific field and try to “vulgarise” as much as I can to make complicate thing more understandable :innocent: If I achieve that, I am happy to ear that :innocent:

Thanks again :smiley: :innocent:, your devoted fellow grower, Niala

Sorry I guess I am the only one that is lost. Can you post a picture of the final product?

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You’re not lost at all @Fever, mine is similar to the one I post in this DIY (you have to imagine the final product), however, I only mount mine in the last few weeks before harvesting and I will be more than happy to share a picture of the final product, with you and every one, here, on this topic, just check for update late Febuary begin March​:eyes: :hourglass_flowing_sand::calendar:i am sure you’re not the only one who’s curious about it :wink: :grinning: :innocent::+1:

See you around :v::sunglasses:

I plan to do the same (ending stage) thanks!

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Definitely going to try this! Thanks =)

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@Niala when did you start growing to need it in late feb?

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I have put my seeds the 11 of december in a mug with five stage filtred water at 0 ppm and PH 7. They all crack out in the 12 december and I put them directly into soil in the main container with tweezers. They all show there hoe in the 14 december and the first picture was taken the 16 december.

They all are regular feminized seeds, so it will take roughly 2 months of vegetative stage and 2 months and a half of flowering if every thing goes well in an ordinary setting, Mine is not and I have to shorten the vegetative stage because the lack of space and force flowering (12/12) next week (Febuary the first) after been on a schedule of 14/10 for 2 weeks.

I expect to harvest in late March begin of April if every thing goes well.

P.s. My first estimate was late Febuary and I was wrong because I was expecting to force flowering much earlier and did think then that it will be shorter and went to an episode of fungus gnat invasion that put an hold on there growth for 2 weeks.

Hoping that’s respond to your question,
Niala :innocent:

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@Niala I’m on the exact same schedule with some N.L, S.S, & A.H. Planted Dec 11th, veg 2/12 flower 2/12 and hopefully harvest som bomb bud in April. Happy growing my friend!