Ditch weed autos

I compare autos to ditch weed lol seriously, I mean yeah some strain you can get a buzz but I compare the buzz to the larf off a photo and every auto no matter what strain seems to have the spicey ruderalis taste to it but that’s my take now I will sit back and let the debate begin but yeah ditch weed :joy:

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Although , I have only grown one sorta auto and from most of the people I know , kinda say the same thing…
Although I have seen some nice auto grows here… :thinking:


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I have not heard this before, but I am interested to hear if others believe this as well.

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Meh… depends on the strain. My last couple have been awesome(sour d, amnesia haze). Yeilding 4 oz each under a 400w light(its what i had.). I flush and use flawless finish for 7 days and then just water for 48hr dark usually. Eith autos i flush for 10 to 14 days, then water and 48 hr dark. Its don e well.


Yup that’s pretty much how anyone who knows what they’re doing grows me included I run 1000wMh and flower under 1000w HPS and yeah they grow amazing and buds get super fat and frosty and smell great and I’ve grown amnesia Haze autos and finishing up some gorilla glue autos and I can’t wait to get it over with and get back to photos

I actually find that many of the autos I’ve grown produce quality weed but they are so erratic that I won’t be growing anymore of them. Just chopped 2 last night. Also yields are usually small.


Nice and I told myself the same thing last year but I was caught up in the whole thing and it was a placebo effect because it was my grow my hard work so I refused to believe otherwise but over time I have come to the conclusion autos are ditch weed lol and I know that pisses off auto growers but I had my own and quite a few other growers auto smoke and it’s all the same I mean maybe the very top nugs will get you high but yeah not for me anymore I feel like they are a gimmick for new growers and seed banks are making a killing off these ditch weed mixed with whatever strain so even though it’s got awesome gene traits of let’s say an amnesia Haze it’s still has that ruderalis ditch weed quality underlying in there so yeah I would rather smoke a strain that is ditch weed free lol

Good job looks good and yes I agree with you and it’s kinda weird how erratic the autos are like I’ve had one cola the bud “seems” ok but the rest of the plan nah and again when I say seems ok I mean it might equal the potency of larf from a photo grow

Just flipped some photos to flower and can’t wait to see. First indoor photos for me and hoping for monsters which they already are since I vegged over 2 months in order to take some clones.


Im smoking a sour d auto now and its fabulous. Strong as hell, great bag appeal. I just finished off 2 oz of amnesia haze auto and it was fire too.

Flavor on the other hand… its fine, beats street weed but taste not as good as photos, that i admit.

Ive done some experimenting with autos. I ran 2 amnesia and 2 sour ds, a photo and auto of each. Both had good potency and flavor, they were a little different but not bad. What got me was yield. I get 1.5 o z per plant more off photos and i fed, watered, and cared exactly same.

So, auto uses same resourses, produces less bud and flavor and potency.

I bought autos cause i thought id get slightly less of the same bud but could just hammer down on a 20/4 schedule and get them done faster. Both photos finished up same time, so no advantage there.

Nice not worrying about light cycle but that locks the tent down to autos only.

Ditch weed??? Nah not really.
Pointless and a waste of resourses??? I think maybe.


I have some Amnesia Haze Auto seeds but I’m to the point I don’t want to waste my time and effort I’m growing blueberry fem and 2 WW fem I might throw the Auto seeds in with my tomatoes out back for some in-between harvest bud and I’ll give autos one compliment, even though they’re not potent enough for me, they still keep me from having to go out and buy weed lol but just barely


I have probably at least 10-15 different auto strains from various breeders but I’m done unless I want an in between harvest too. To be honest, I have just as many photo strains too but going to stick with 3 breeders from here on out. (Archive, dank rareness, and crane city).

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How you like those rare dankness? I hear its good bud.

To be honest, I haven’t even dropped one yet. Was lucky enough to get one pack last drop and haven’t even hit the dirt yet. Just going by what I’ve heard and see on Instagram.

I’m growing Alaskan Purple Fems this coming winter after I harvest my WW and Blueberry Fems

From what I hear you have to give the Blueberry a long cure to get the full blueberry affect

What strain ya growin

How long is long? I got two on now.

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Where you get them from? Thats a tough brand to find. I really wanna give them a shot.

I’ve heard at least two months before the terpenes really start to shine