Dispensary weed

I suspect that the thc values are only part of the picture when it comes to quality? I feel that all thc and no terpines is junk. All terpines and no thc is junk. You need the right balance of the 2, and in my world some cbd as well, to be good quality herb.

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I was in a dispensary in Pagosa Springs CO and the chick behind the counter told me that the variance in the THC percentage on the package was indicating that they had tested multiple parts of the bud and reported the variance. The lowest end of it being the stem and the highest being the flower.

Is it me or does that sound like BS on the sales person as Who would actually spend the money, time, and effort to evaluate a stem!


I don’t know man. Just reporting the experience.

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Lmao was she ever on some good :poop:… wth would you want to check the percentage of thc in something that’s not even going to be smoked lmfao… straight BS they check and include the lesser lower buds as well as the top buds and round everything off accordingly … oh i wish i could’ve been there to mess with her… lmao yeah down south we throw away the bud and smoke the stems so it’s a damn good thing you checked um or i wouldn’t have bought um… :joy::rofl:

Thats where the good diodes come from upper bin and the lower bin, oh, the good weed is upper bin and the 301b’s are lower bin, or was it…never mind, another crown on the rocks please.

Can we see it so we know were to look?

@anon1893985 I got the blackberry moonrocks a couple weeks ago. Plan to sprout them towards the end of January. Just as soon as I finish up my latest batch of autos. It’ll be my 1st photo grow in 3 years.

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Man that sounds awesome :muscle:t2::100: i was going to run my batch of them but i was gifted some auto seeds from a cool ass breeder so I’m running them next. I’m going to get a couple uv-a bars when i do run them… I’m totally looking forward to watching your moonrock adventure :sunglasses: