Disease,pests or light burn

Found this on my flower this morning, it is close to the light as I had to move it indoors expectantly. I am week 4 of flowering. Should I be alarmed?

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Is that stuck to your plant or is it a spot on a leaf?

Looks as if it on the leaf and stem but not flower

Should be good, is it where damage has occured? I.E. when i top the planr, the stem where I cut will turn brownish

Good, I did cut it as it was to tall for my tent.

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We have a winner!

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This got me thinking, if you experience a too tall plant again you could try supercropping instead of cutting. Tons of info about it on youtube.

I will look into that but for now I am sticking with autos. I didn’t realize that would get so tall outside, got concerned so I moved it inside.

Me too! You can supercrop an auto if you need.

Hello, I’m new to the forum. I can’t seem to create my own topic only reply but this thread seems most relevant to my concern. I’m growing outdoors and need help identifying what is causing a small percent of my buds/stigmas on some of my plants to turn dark brown/black and look like they’ve been burned almost. The texture is dried and crunchy where this is occur. Doing a simple google search for brown/black buds is pulling up bud rot for the results but I’m not sure if that is the culprit. I’m not seeing any mold and it looks as if the areas where this is occurring completely dried and burned. No signs of insects around the areas or stems leading to it. All other bud sites on the plants with this are looking great. I have been spraying neem oil weekly, and just recently sprayed two rounds of potassium bicarbonate spaced 4 days apart to kill powdery mildew that were very lightly on a small portion of leaves. I used the recommended dosage of 1 tablespoon per gallon spraying. I’m attaching photos of some of the different bud sights that are having the issue. Any help identifying what the issue is would be greatly appreciated!

Wish i could help, i am curious to know myself. Question, are you growing in soil from ground. I had that happened to my vegetables garden when i thought all dirt was good.

Thanks for the reply, yes I’m growing them in soil in the ground, I grow in my same garden area each year and this is the first year seeing this. It seems like I’m able to create my own topic on the forum now so I’m gonna try and repost this as its own topic and see if I have more luck identifying.