Should I be worried about the discoloration on just one on them. Personally I think it from her having cooler temps at night 64F {18C} or could it be from my lights it a HLG 600 Rspec it does have a dimmer switch I have it set 70% not sure there’s no % on it so I am going by all way to the right 100% so 3 clicks to the left would be 70%. Height is about 24" and that’s about the highest it will go… what to do ???


Have you changed up your feeding regime or made it stronger? Get a look at your runoff ppm/ph readings and tell me what they are.



EC: 2.2
PPM: 1100
I do think it is the height of the light and cool air at night

What are you feeding? Looks real hungry for magnesium. Those hlg 600’s will make the plant want more magnesium as well

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I have a grow where I’m trying to bring out a nice purple color of the strain. Doesn’t seem to be a general consensus as to what brings out the colors, but one of the hypothesis is that 15 degree swings in night time temperatures bring out the colors so I’m purposefully driving my temps down to 58 degrees every night to see what happens. Mid way through flower and no discoloration of leaves because of it.

Plants look hungry, more then one deficiency I think. Big bright lights require aggressive feeding.

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added lime to the soil, I remember mixing the soil before I planted them forgot to add lime to the soil mix. because it takes about a month to actually take effect if I am correct on this.
the just trying to get a handle on it, its new trying to figure out the dimmer on it ???

An easy way is a kill-a-watt meter. It will tell exactly what the lights are drawing. Dimming lights won’t resolve the issue though. You’ll need to start supplementing epsom salt to correct the issue. Maybe more. You haven’t stated what you’re feeding.


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yeah finding out the hard way about this light, but I don’t give up easily

already add Epsom salt, I did a light mist on them this morning and also mist on the under side of them. They seem to be perking up a little…every thing is not lost yet. I forgot to add lime to the soil mix before planting.

Being wet under light can fry leaves. I think the others are correct in asking what you’re feeding too.

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I did the misting when the lights were off. I know not to spray when lights are on and also not to spray when she is flowering. I believe the discoloration is from cooler temperature at light off, 64-69 degrees
I was feeding the dry fertilizer when in veg- Called Formula 1: veg/clone with no problems then once it started to flower I started Formula II bud/bloom then got the new light then the discoloration started.

You have 3 well respected members and 2 staff that feel otherwise. I will move on no problem, but I would look into advice the others are giving, they are trying to help.

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I dont believe that those temps are cold enough to do what your plant is doing. Usually the color change happens on your older fan leaves.

So what do you think it’s from

What do you think the discoloration and the purple leaf stems are from

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I would raise your light up a bit and see if the problem progresses in the next few days. And make sure your ph and ppms are in proper range.

It’s at 24” as of now and about at 70% on the dimmer? Yesterday they seem to be perking up a little

Thats a great poster! Ty! Any guess what my issue is? Its looks close to a couple options