Digital ph testers

Hi black moon here again more questions.
I did have a look at the topic on ph meters on here and googled it.
Just get lots options still non the wiser whats best.
Like an easy one that’s accurate and not to bothered about the top end price.
What what works.
So who got a good suggestion on ph meters on here from your experience.

Apera is the way to go.


I have the apera PH20 and TDS20. Really happy with both. Several members TDS60. Which does ph and ppm’s.


Apera for the win


I have a Bluelab.


Same here, my Apera has never failed me. Blue Lab is a good one as well. If you do have some money to spend it would be smart to get the Apera where you can replace the probe on the end.

I recently replaced a cheap china-mart jobby from Amazon with an Apera pH20. Very satisfied.


Hi just an update went onto Amazon and have ordered a Apera ph tester.
A1316 premium
Series Pc 60 5-in- 1

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The Apera PC60 is a really nice meter. I have one. It tests PPM too.

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Hi just an update went onto Amazon and have ordered a Apera ph tester.
A1316 premium
Series Pc 60 5-in- 1

I love my Apera pH20 meter. Guess I will need to get 4 aaa batteries since I left it on by accident.

Opps thats no good mr peat

I know…I’m not mad. All I can say is Doh.

Mr peat while your there whats your experience of burping jars during curing.
I get the idea just not the how too do it.

I usually burp for 1 hour every other day. I used to do several times a day at 15 minutes for each burp. Now its 1 hour every other day. :+1:

Thats great i get that its just the actual manuvour to do the burping im not getting.
I know how a baby is burped for instance.
Is it just a matter of taking the lid on and off or what. Sorry for my ignorance

From what I have gathered the burping is for letting the gases to be cleared. I never burped at first and most of the time the marijuana had a grass smell to it. I can’t really taste so I don’t know if it can produce a funky taste and more than likely it does.

Thats great im sure it helps. It helps to burp a baby and i know how to do that.
I just dont know how you burp the jar.
Sometimes when i have left over food in a container with a lid.
I put the lid on then lift one corner up and air rushes out.
Is this what burping buds is?
How is it done in a jar and lid?

Just open up the jar for 15 minutes several times a day. Its really crucial the first couple of weeks. I ease up burping after 30 days.

Burping allows the gases to escape. Its kinda like curing with Boveda humidity packs which makes your crop taste funky. I wait to add them for the first 30 days and the 62% RH packs go in each mason jar.

Also don’t pack the jars with to much. You need to have space so the gases can go to the top of the jar when sealed.

For a 64 oz jar I will generally fill halfway and no more. Actually any mason jar size I use only filled halfway. I hope that makes sense.

Totally thanks. Its been a relief.
You cant imagine all the delightful images ive created in my head what burping a jar of buds looks like.
Just one more thing what does rh mean in regards to moisture content.
Sorry to bother you with my limited knowledge and mountain of questions.
Really helpful though.
Only a month off harvest time yippy