Difficulty with Northern Lights Auto

I’ve had a lot of trouble with my NL autos.

I originally order 5 seeds, of which only one germinated. They sent me another 5, and those aren’t looking good either. I had two germinate from those 5, but they’ve been unhealthy looking from the beginning.

I had a lot of success with all my other autos, and NL is my favorite out of the strains I’ve grown, so I’m really bummed and not sure what I’m doing wrong…

They’re in coco, pH is perfect, no nutes yet except CalMag which is necessary for my water.

Oh also, they’re starting to flower at only a week and a half which I don’t get.

And here they are with my other autos started at the same time:

Hope you guys can help! Thanks

What is the ph in/out? Also, what are you planting them in there and how often/how much are you watering?


pH in is 6.5, and runoff is about the same. They’re in coco coir and they’re in a little under a quart of soil. I spray them twice a day, and the NL don’t seem to be going through water very fast…soil remains wet for several days. I’ve only watered them twice.

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That sounds high for coco. Ph there is usually ran around 5.8 right?


They look hungry to me. Maybe start with half dose of feeding and reduce how much you’re watering. Can always add perlite in as well to help with drainage

On ph 5.8-6.3 is standard but I do hear ppl move it to normal soil range if feeding with super soil or dry nutes since you’re really feeding the microbes not the plant itself and microbes don’t do well in an acidic environment


Whatever has stressed them out has stunted their growth and they never got to a decent size and have already started to flower.

I hate to bust your bubble but this plant right here will only produce a couple of grams and you can’t undo its timeline


Yeah I kinda figured that’d be the case with the flowering one… thanks for the confirmation. I had an amnesia haze doing the same thing and I pulled that one too. It sucks but here’s to nature I guess :joy:

Thanks, I’ll try really hard to save the other NL.

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Firstly ima soil grower so take this with a grain of salt.

… but im with DB… they look hungry and that pH maybe a tad high for coco. Next watering bring it down to more 6.0 ish. I think 5.8-6.2 is the coco window. @6.5 i dont believe she can eat anything u attempt to feed her anyway.

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