Different strains yields indoors

Hi everyone! I plan on growing Blue dream, Yellow leaf, Gorilla Glue, sky walker og and California Dream. My question is can I get good, Big yields, out of all of them? I’ve seen on the site when you go to buy the seeds how it says for some strains I’ve mentioned that they yield less indoors. I’m wondering if it’s possible to make them yield say as much as blue dream would indoors and still be top quality buds? I plan on using Lotus nutrients. Thanks everyone and happy growing! :sunglasses::+1:

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Yes. Many growers here have seen these plants produce the yield amounts if not more than the advertised amount. That being said, those amounts are dialed in picture perfect grows. Yields are affected by the growers skill, types of lighting , nutrients and growing environments etc.


It requires some serious space to have big plants indoor. It would also take a very long veg time.

I veg for 5 to 6 weeks and flip. 13 to 17 weeks total for harvest. Some are a little smaller some are a little bigger. I average about 3 oz per plant.

There is no way to compete with the suns energy. If you want monster plants, outdoor gives me the highest yields. 6 oz smallest 14 oz biggest.


You mean when the light describes itself as “sun like” I shouldn’t believe it :sunny:


:rofl: They kind of suckered me the first time I bought a light.

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Want big yields, you need good strong lighting, what lights will you be using?

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@Hellraiser I will be using the XL Kind 1000w :grin:

Sun like meaning spectrum I think,