Different strains shared resevoir

Everyone whose is following you will answer. I put most everything in 1 thread if it’s the same grow

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Don’t raise the short plant as your levels are based on your check-rez.

I can move this to your other thread if you post it here. Saves me looking for it.

The only time you will have plants reacting the same to nutes is if you are running clones.


Yes that would be really cool if you could move that for me. I don’t know how to go about deleting threads or topics and all that. I thought about deleting this account and starting a new one so I don’t have stuff posted everywhere on y’all’s forum. So in your opinion about the shared resevoir, am I going to run into problems when it comes time to flush since some are probably going to be ready before others

I just need to know where to move it to.

For certain. This is one of the problems with a shared rez. Think of it as a learning experience.

Post the thread you want to move this to and tag me with the @ sign: I’ll take care of it.