Different strains shared resevoir

I may have messed up. Maybe I should have grown all the same strains being that my system has six sites with a shared resevoir. It seems what some plants love is a little to much for some of the others.wondering if anyone has any experience with these strains. They all say they are 8 week strains.

Can we get a picture of your setup?

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You can put shorty on a booster to get her even with the rest.

Don’t understand what you mean, I’m new at this and it’s my first hydro run. How would I give anything to one plant without giving it to all of them

Give it to all of them. I was talking about getting your canopy level. Your plants look healthy.

I still have plenty of time left, I just flipped 12/12 last week, but I was trying to get some knowledge about how to go about things like flushing and what to do if some are ready before the others being they all share the same resevoir.

I cant see your feed lines. Are you daisy chained? Feed from the res to one and from there to the next?

Like @GreggT suggested, put a table or block under the short ones to make level.
I don’t do hydro, but others will pop in. They look nice and healthy.
Don’t believe what they say about their time schedule. Add a few weeks onto that 8 weeks.

It’s an ebb and flo system with a 30 gl resevoir that goes to a 5 gl brain controller bucket with float switches that feeds all six 5 gl buckets

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Why did you change threads? I would keep everything in one thread so it is easier to keep up. You have hydro followers on your other thread that could help out as well.


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Sorry about changing threads I’m not really social media inclined I didn’t know if I should have put this in the same thread or start a new topic I’m pretty much new to all of this growing and social media, I’ve never done Facebook or anything like this

I’m starting to see some hairs or pistols on a couple plants but nothing on the others and I’m worried that some are going to finish before the others

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I suggest a scrog net….trust me :joy::love_you_gesture:


Yes they are all daisy chained. It makes one big loop back to the control bucket

They probably will not finish at same time. All of these are different even if they are same strain. Same lite, nutes… they will flower at different times after you flipbe happy they don’t always grow together…u would be in trim jail for sure

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