Difference between GSC and WW?

I’ve got three GSE-e’s and three WW’s in an eight foot tent that are all doing great-about five weeks into flower/budding, all with dense ping-pong ball buds (over a hundred, I surmise).The plants are relatively short but the crowns are spread (I didn’t Scrog or train, just trimmed). Since I am a first-time grower, I have an issue that maybe you have seen before: The plants are set right down the middle under two T5 eight-banks, with four small 40W LED spots for side illumination that are clipped on the poles caddy-corner to one another. Starting from the left there is a WW then a GSC-e, a WW then a GSC-e, and a WW and a GSE-e (none are autos). The leaves of the GSE-e’s are turning/showing signs of yellowing, while there is no sign of yellowing on any of the leaves of the WW’s. Yet all the plants are showing the same trichrome stages. In other words, I don’t see the GSC-e’s exhibiting any trichrome ambering ahead of the WW’s… All the plants get exactly the same blumat system (with ILGM Flower Bloom), have exactly the same top-lighting height (they are practically all the same height) and for the most part, get exactly the same side-light lumens. There is plenty of circulation intake and outtake on the floor (the CF is on the floor with its outtake at the ceiling). One speculation I had was that before the dark cycle starts, the top of the tent is at 91-93F. At crown height, the temp is about 85F.So maybe, the GSC-e’s are more sensitive in that temp-range than the WW’s? I’m not really worried about the GSC-e’s because so far so good, but I am curious about their development compared to the WW’s. Would anybody have any ideas about this?

The GSC-X plants are consuming more N than the WW but how about filling out a support ticket and pictures?

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Ahoj, máš zkušenosti z sir Jack? Bubbleponics,2x600,1x400, vevnitř a 6 týden

Hi, do you have experience with Sir Jack? Bubbleponics, 2x600,1x400, inside and 6 weeks [IMG_20180309_052038 | 690x389] (upload: //tj1ZY9ojmohy5kdRx6UALSifxLR.jpg)