Diesel's experimental idea

This was and is still the most darring thing I have attempted. Here we have a california dream auto that was topped at the third node and was an attempted mainline. It ended up being some kind of mix between a mainline and 4 way monstrosity. I was going to nix her second node but instead stapled it down and let her do her thing. She was lightly defoiled and some lower stuff taken off. She took a while to flower which was unexpected and not skin off my hide. She yeilded around 2 to 2/12 oz. I only have later pictures on this phone and I couldn’t transfer them, so here she is.


Nice grow! Thanks for sharing the bud porn!


Here are the pictures from harvest

All secondary buds

Main colas, she was a spearchucker

Mains all broke down and ready for the drying tent

All ready and in the tent for drying


Cured and ready to enjoy