Did this hermie?

This plant looks a bit ballsy, did it hermie? Thanks for any help

It definitely has female parts. You see the pistils coming out of tips? Maybe it was pollinated and now seeds are forming, but I don’t see the male parts.


Yep, not seeing any male parts. There are some pretty swollen calyx in there and being outside, you could have been crop dusted by another local grow and knock up your girl.


It’s outdoors so anything is possible. I cut a ball open and it looked like a hollow seed inside. This plant was in controlled darkness and it looked like shit so i left it out. That’s why I was curious if I stress hermed it.

I’ve got seeds…are you guys sure this is not a hermie? Should I get this thing as far away from my plants since it has seeds?

A few seed pods are on this

Don’t see any signs of herm, but if you have seeds then she either pollinated herself or was pollinated from an outside source.

Lots of seeds, should I chop it down?

Damage is done. Might as well let it finish out.

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