Did these hermie

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Once again same pics as last post still hard to see on this thread also. Still not looking male to me tho looks all fen


@cwit…… no they did not. Those are most definitely female. The photos you posted are showing female traits not male.

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@Cwhit @Mark0427 @Menace all I see is female as well. @Cwhit you are off to the races.

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yes looks like two hairs as appose to the deeded one. you can breath again as i have just been through all that shat

Had those on all my plants so far. You can cut them off when you see um, if your worried. I figure as long as it’s not multiple balls from single node it’s not female. I could be wrong but don’t think I am.

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Looks like females. Well the one is for sure. The other photo I can’t say yes or no.

It’s a female* (typed it’s not instead)

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