Did The Improbable Happen?

I started with 2 plants in my 4x2. I’m in Fox Farm soil, manual water with Jacks 321, 5 gallon bags.
Both plants broke ground on the same day, Dec 29. I couldn’t have asked for two more different plants!
The Grand Daddy Purple started straggly but grew into a great plant until about 90 days in. Everything stopped on the plant. The buds have stayed the same and the plant has not grown any.
DoDiDo started weird, got 3 inches tall but 4 inches wide and flat. The plant did not really grow to well so I moved it to the outside. The plants are now separated. BUT IS IT TOO LATE??
This is the DSD. It has no buds but I found these on the plant. The plant is now 2 feet tall and looks normal, except no buds.

This is the GDP with it’s stalled buds and no plant growth upward. Very narrow leaves.
Day 107, 55 Days in Flower

Is it possible that the DoSiDo is a male??

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Not likely, but possible.
I have no experience with GDP, but just harvested my first DSD.
Are you checking the pH of the water once you’ve mixed up your Jacks321 to solution?
I use Jack’s 321 and have had great success with it!
Check out my grow journal sometime.

Generally speaking, where are you located. I ask because of the daylight hours growing outside.
And are you growing autoflower of photo period plants?
After about 2 weeks of stretching once flowering begins the plant will stop growing taller.
There is an occasional plant that will keep growing, usually mutant autoflowers, but not many.

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Yes I check the ph, PPM and EC. I got the feed water ph to 7.3 with Jacks 3 2 1. House water with a chlorine filter.
My state borders on the Gulf of Mexico. I try to grow late in the year so it will be cooler. Summer heat is over 100 degrees and 80% humidity.
The plants are autoflower.
The DoSiDo had all black leaves that were falling off of the plant. I was going to cut it up but decided to set it outside where it gets sun. Straightened up!! 2 1/2 ft tall a lot of green leaves but no buds or bud sites.

I’m not too worried about the DSD. I have the Grand Daddy Purple in a tent with 80* and 58% humidity. All of that is in the “sweet spot” as I have read and been advised.
So with the plant above ground 108 days and 56 days of flower, it has just stopped growing about 2 weeks ago.
The GDP today has a lot of yellow leaves all over it not just in the bottom.
I guess I will let both of them continue on for a couple of weeks and see where they end up.
Thanks for your help and any advise will be appreciated.

Thats perfectly normal. At this point the buds (colas) are slowly adding flowers until about 9th or 10th week of flowering time. 56 days is 8 weeks so your plant is nearly done. What you want to watch for now is those white pistils to stop forming and all turn brown. As long as you see new white pistils forming its adding new flowers and bulk to the buds. You want to see 95% browned pistils before you consider harvesting. All this you see is normal.

One of my GDP buds from a couple years back.

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Thanks @Spiney_norman . My first and only successful plant was my first GDP. The top cola was the size of my hand. This GDP is about the size of my finger! A runt.
I see a lot of clear and white pistils and some amber. I’ll wait a little longer and see how it develops.