Did I ruin them?

This is my first try

at this… and these poor girls have not had it easy. I’ve been struggling since they started to flower. They’ve been beaten by the weather no matter what I do to protect them. Although I’ve done some damage trying to protect them. They shouldn’t be ready to harvest for a couple more weeks, but there’s a lot of brown and I’m not really sure what I’m looking for?

Any advice or words of wisdom? Did I ruin them?


How old are the plants?

also, is this inside or outside?

It’s Arjan Haze. They’re outside and the weather has been cool, windy and raining. They’re about to start week 8 of flowering. The buds were so wet. They’re still fairly small. I don’t think they got enough sun and the fan leaves have been yellowing almost since the beginning of flowering. 4 in pots, 2 in the ground.

The flower shots look fine. Looks like you could use a defoliation. The bigger, yellow, dying leaves can go. Overall the plants look fine. May want to prop that branch up in last pic, though.


But not ready to harvest yet? Right?

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A few weeks. Still a lot of white hairs. When over half of them are red and turned back inwards, start looking at your trichomes (crystals), on the buds, not the sugar leaves. They start clear, then change to cloudy, then start turning amber. That girl is a beast!!

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Thank you so much! I feel so much better.


If they have been yellowing since flowering, I question nutrient levels. Shouldn’t have THAT many yellow just yet. Order a jewelers loupe with an LED light, you can see the trichomes great! Get one with 2 magnifications. Also, have you been able to get good air circulation? We had some rain and weather, things got a bit wet, had to be sure to move the air around a little, but all is well.

I’m worried about the early yellowing of the fan leaves as well. Something went wrong with the nutes as soon as they started to flower. I will need to re-evaluate the system I used for the potted plants: EarthBox® Replant Kit | Pre-Measured Fertilizer & Nutrients.

I think the plants were much bigger than this system allows for and the nutes got eaten up early, so i might need to provide supplements, although I’m not sure 1. How to tell if nutes are used up, 2. how much supplements to give. The size of the plants (~100 inches) also makes this system problematic in that they are so top heavy that the pots tip over in the wind.

However, the two I planted in the ground had the same issues of early yellowing and they have been receiving weekly feedings. Which made me think maybe it was a light issue. The days get shorter quickly here in the Midwest (Detroit). Not much I can do about that for the ones in the ground, but I loaded up the potted plants into a trailer so I can move them to the sunspots. Hopefully, that’ll help.

I’ve never been very confident that I’m providing adequate nutes.

Yes, you have had a nutrient deficiency. During veg state I was doing every other day feedings. Nitrogen leaches readily from the soil so it needs to be replenished consistently. Also, how has your ph been? Important. I use General Hydroponics nutrients (it’s for soil too) Flora Micro, Bloom and Grow. It is easy to use. I plant in 5 gal buckets.


I feel like a total idiot, but I don’t understand the nutrient charts.

Example: 1 tsp/gallon – is this for one plant?

  • what does the amount of water matter?
  • what if I put 1tsp in 1/2 gallon of water. it’s getting the same amount of nutrients.
  • what if I give it 1 tsp and 1 gallon of water… then I water it some more. does that dilute the nutrients.

This is the chart i’ve been using. - does anyone else use Earth Juice?


Please let me know you got this. Something went wrong on the site
after your last post. I can help. Don’t feel like an idiot. It is a

My name is Bobby in S.C.

  • what does the amount of water matter?
    See below

  • what if I put 1tsp in 1/2 gallon of water. it’s getting the same amount of nutrients.
    No, double the nutrients compared to 1tsp per gallon.

  • what if I give it 1 tsp and 1 gallon of water… then I water it some more.
    That will dilute it.

That gives you the ratio. You may need around a gallon per plant if in a pot or 2 or 3 if in the ground. Same measurement per gallon regardless of how many gallons you use, you mix per instructions per gallon.

I haven’t used earth juice, I use Canna so I’m not familiar.

You definitely need a jewelers loupe to check trichomes once you get closer to harvest to know just when to harvest as said above. Worth it to say again, it’s important.

As an example… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078N34WZR/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_10WQ30NGQYKSTN7T9AKD?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Got it - Thanks Bobby!

Thank you SativaFan - I understand. It still doesn’t make sense to me, but I understand what you’re saying and I will do it that way. If I want to give an ‘in the ground plant’ 3 gallons, then I need to give it 3 times the dose of nutrients.

Think of it like baking a cake or any recipe. If a cake takes 1 cup of flower and you want to make a double size cake, you will need to use 2 cups of flower otherwise your mixtures going to be way off and the cakes going to suck.

That said, just because earth juice says 1-2 ml per gallon doesn’t mean that will be the best ratio for your plants. Using a known nutrient line helps because others on this forum can give guidance on how much and what to use in different stages of growth. Without others that have gone through the trial & error with a specific nutrient line, you will be the one doing the trial & error finding out of 1/2 strength is correct or double strength or somewhere in between.

There are some very experienced growers in this forum that can help you through your earth juice grow even if they haven’t used it… easier if they have though. They can let you know if the leaves are saying they are getting too little or too much food or good on most nutrients but lacking in potassium or whatever (as some above have already).

Gotcha, I think I’ll try a different brand of nutrients next season. As you say, folks here can provide a lot of advice. And I will spend some time learning a bit of basic plant science - that can’t hurt either. :slight_smile:

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