Did I Accidentally Get Into Flowering?

This is my first grow, so apologies in advance if this is obvious.

I am growing outside in Southern California. I started in mid March and grew inside until around mid April when I moved things outside. Things were going well and growth was rapid (or at least what seemed rapid to me). I used no supplemental lighting. Over the past few weeks, upward growth has slowed down dramatically, the plants have developed what appear to be small buds and there has been no lateral branch growth. These are all non-autoflowering plants.

So here are my questions:

  1. These plants are into flowering correct?
  2. What did I do wrong? I anticipated growing all summer and flowering late summer. California has had more of a cloudy spring, early summer than anticipated, but trying to figure out what I do differently next time.
  3. I have been using Roots Organics nutes. I’ve just been feeding them veg from the feeding schedule. Any idea what week these look like to you? And do I just jump ahead to that week in the schedule or do I just rapidly progress through intervening weeks and slow down when I catch up to where I should be?

Thank you in advance from a growing dumbass. :slight_smile:

@Baxter11- I’m in so cal and have a little bit of what you have going on.

I have over 24 mature plants.

1 Afghani had been going forever, I stared it in Jan. Her 9 sisters were all put outside in feb and harvested a few weeks ago. She was brought in at night for supplemental lighting. I took a clone as well. I put them both out full time approx 6 weeks ago. Mother and clone are both flowering now-

2- two Northern Lights plants out in mid March thinking they would finish (had them inside on 18/6). They went super veg, I’m not exaggerating when I saw I have taken off 40 plus 1.5-2’ stalks off of them. One is flowering and smalls of citrusy pine-

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3- I started grand daddy purple, sour diesel, gorilla glue, and Durban Poison. All germinated on 3/24. One of the grand daddy purples is throwing single blade leaves and is flowering-

Growing indoors in an 18/6 light schedule will mess with the plants when you bring them outdoors under less hours of light.

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