Diatomecous Earth

Got some Diatomeceous Earth
From the grow shop. Right now
I don’t have any problems, but when
The problem would arise with mites
How often would you dust your plants?
I understand that it smothers them
And the eggs. So if after the first
Dose, you see more mites, how often
Would you dust them?
Thanks for your help

If you don’t have them now, and you keep the top layer of soil dusted I think that will act as a preventative and you wouldn’t have to dust the plants.

I’ve only used it to dust under the refrigerator, under the sink and in cracks and crevices, and in corners and on the top of the soil as a preventive, so far, knock on wood, I’ve never had a problem with spider mites, but I also keep temperatures pretty low at the canopy, I’ve heard they don’t like it below 78F or 26C

I’ll let Latewood talk about dusting because I’ve never done that, but I do understand if you do dust them you need to do a good rinse to get it all off, eventually, before harvest or else it will be a harsh smoke even though it’s non-toxic.

100% spot on MacG! Be proactive. Dust the top as mentioned above.

DE does not smother the bugs. It scratches their exoskeleton, and they dehydrate, and die. eggs hatch; They get scratched and die too.

We only recommend dusting once you already have an infested plant. No need if you are starting fresh without mites, or other pests. jUst Apply a layer to the top of your soil.

Great post MacG! :mrgreen:

Got ya
One more question , when you put
This earth on your top soil, then
You water your plants, is it necessary
To put another layer of earth dust
On top of it again? Or does it stay
In your media to where you only have
To do it once?
Thanks for your support

It is pretty dense. I would equate it to a flour/sandy texture. It does not mix well with water; Much like sand. You only need to cover the medium once. IN the event you were still infested at some pont with mites; I would do it again, but the 1st layer will sit and/or settle into the soil. So you are good to go. All you want is that DE is permeated into your soil. When bugs dig into your medium, they will get scratched, dehydrate, and die.