Dense buds for me

Researching on ways to help grow dense buds. One of the points was strain etc. so has anybody tried growing the auto ak47 from ilgm? Thanks.

Assuming everything else is optimum,
density would depend on light intensity

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First buds good but could stand to be denser. Probably stunted early on and had weak light early on.

for dense buds use Bloom Booster no matter what strain !!!

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Hot time of year. Cabinet usually at 90 degrees for an auto ak wondering how much a problem that will be. Saw that ak47 was a warm climate plant. Will see

Lower your nite temps to 65 f … And good lighting . And most of all find a strain type that grows dense bud as a normal

Would that strain be auto ak from ilgm?

To Hot - that will cause small plants and “foxtail” buds Open cabinet thru out the the day if you can Also distance of light could be up more . Size of cabinet and type of light ??

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Let’s see. Cabinet is a plastic storage cab with shelves. 50" high. Have space at bottom for runoff and space at top for power strip. 14" deep and 26" wide. Light is viparspectra 600 (272actual) set on veg switch right now 21" from little plant. Just finished a grow with kinda fluffy buds about an ounce and a half off of an auto. House is hot and seems 85-91 is about usual temp in cabinet. Read ak47 is a warmer climate strain was hopin 91 wasn’t too warm.

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Only thing i could think of in price range is to scramble together a homemade ac with a small bucket holding reusable ice blocks and have a fan blowing into that with a vent for “colder?” Air coming out the side
For hottest parts of day

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Cool air coming out. Sure doesn’t feel 91 degrees in cabinet led not hot at all.

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@Jheezy love your idea …my room is too big for such …But it’s totally COOL for a cabinet … you and @Iva ought to get along great .she too is very hands on with the home built grow devices … may use this my self one day for a new mother cabinet if too hot …Hammer


Could probably make something a little better with a couple dollars.

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“CFM.s” of your fans your air exchange looks ok- maybe need more power full equipment - You have a very good grow space.

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That is pretty cool …pardon the pun :slight_smile:
You could use dry ice some times and get a two for one deal
ATM I have the opposite problem its too cold so I am brewing a 35L wort and it warms the tent and supplies co2 at the same time. I got it to 27.5 Celsius for the first time last night and it was +2 Celsius out side.

Wort /ˈwɜːrt/ is the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky. Wort contains the sugars that will be fermented by the brewing yeast to produce alcohol.