Dennis 62 simple grow #18

Hey brother @Brainsacco1 thank you so much :pray: all good here :ok_hand: GG4 is a great strain, I enjoyed the one my buddy grew. I love the high calyx to leaf ratio in those buds, promising nice dense nuggets :yum: and that plant on the right just takes after uncle Fred, he had big balls :grinning: looking fantastic my friend and never worry about posting here my friend always welcome :pray: going to be a nice haul.


Beautiful buddage brother :sunglasses:


That is amazing work my friend! Had no idea you were an artist!! Wow :open_mouth:


Thank you brother :pray: @spankyjr1 hope you are having a good Sunday
Thanks my friend @Carpenter ocd meds took my ability, its a great exchange, my sanity or my art :laughing:
18 years without intrusive thoughts and all the shit that comes with OCD. Now growing gives me the peace and tranquility. Happy Sunday :blush:


Thatโ€™s whatโ€™s up!! Happy Sunday!!


Funniest thing happened I saw my next door neighbor out and I stepped out to say good day lol and he came close to my house and said whoooo there is a skunk somewhere close I just caught a wiff of it. I almost busted a gut :sweat_smile: my closet stinks to high heaven right now, hell I got a whole family of skunks in my closet :flushed: I had a moment lol. I also did some defoliating a few minutes ago and I can tell you Eleven Roses is the culprit :grin: and touching member berry now her putty smell is getting sweeter and smells more like cherry :cherries: she is going to be tasty :yum: well off to a good start of my week, hopefully you guys are having a great Monday. Happy growing yall


Good afternoon yall here we are in week 12 day 87 and week 6 of flower and I am a lot more happy with the results after 6 weeks and all still have white pistols everywhere so still cooking :grin: here is the closet today

Here is Mandarin sunset she is still building nicely and her buds are fattening up pretty good, but they are going to be spongy not dense, not really larfy because they have weight to them. She is a sticky stinky girl, tricome covered nuggets. This is a shot of a full branch, well this one is 4 foot long with 27 nodes that is 53 single nuggets on one branch, on some of these longer branches I will get 1/2 an ounce, but smaller branches only 1/8 I hope for 1//4 average from 18 branches gives me 4 1/2 per plant :+1:

This picture the plant is tilted draining run off shows how long those branches are lol :laughing: I am going to have to tie a string around her soon as her buds are getting heavy and the branches are falling away and need restrained. Her ppm numbers are telling me she is still consuming nutes at a high rate but the amount of run off is increasing so she is drinking less. Probably a sign of slowing.

She has a few orange pistols on these top buds so maybe showing first signs of slowing down.

Member berry is a gallon every 3 days gal all along but like the others she is drinking less and so I assume she is slowing down and last watering ppms were different she added instead of decreasing, so her uptake has stopped or slowed. Her pistols are about 80% orange except lower 1/3 of the plant. So she is getting there :grin:
Her longest branch has 18 nodes 35 nuggets but all hers will be hard nuggets when dry. So she will yield less but they beautiful purple nice grindable buds :purple_heart:

Here is Eleven Roses who is drinking less as to more run off but still light pot in 2 days, but she is still consuming nutes well. Her pistols are about 70% but she is also foxtailing on some canopy buds. Honestly I thought she was going to be first to harvest but not looking that way lol for being a short gal she has 21 nodes on longest branch 41 nuggets and nice sized nuggets for her size. No guess on her yield, she is blowing my expectations.

Hereโ€™s a bud that is already foxtailing and its not the power of my lights but I will raise it some anyway :wink:

Anyway you guys coming down down to a few weeks and am stopping nutes on member berry as she is a week or two from harvest. The others are still consuming nutes. Water/ feed and wait :sweat_smile: Hope everyone is doing well this day :pray: all well here till next time happy growing yall


Hey guys I wanted to show you another of grow bros stuff, he has a couple autos by 420 fast buds the silver one is west coast OG she is in miracle grow potting mix, and I canโ€™t remember the stain but the other one is in a 5 gal. DWC bucket. He uses advanced nutes, has one hlg 260, two mars hydro 1000 which are 100w boards.

I donโ€™t know who of you following my other buddies grow but he harvested GG4 super skunk and Cherry gar see ya, he got a little over a pound from the 3, GG4 and Cherry gar see ya 5 ounces and 6 ounces from super skunk. He didnโ€™t like not being able to turn plants because of the square pots and trays in his autopot system and bought a new autopot system with round pot bottoms lol I am pretty sure he is going to buy a new 4x4 tent soon too lol :laughing: but he is getting ready to start 4 seeds soon and I will keep you informed :wink: love my friends and sharing, I give them a 1/2 oz of mine and they give me the same, makes for more diversity in the stash :+1: hope you are having a great day


Those are beautiful!!! :heart_eyes: ive never had any luck with autos lol. Ive only ever tried outside though. You need to buy your buddy a beer on me :sweat_smile:. He is killing it!!


I am heading to the closest bigger town tomorrow I will visit a dispensary there and get him some bud :+1: thanks my friend, yes autos are kinda finicky and we never had good luck growing them outdoors, but I get very close to my photo yield per plant on my autos, I may have one in my next grow, if it makes the cut,I start 4 seeds keep 3 best seedlings. My buddy is killing it tho :sweat_smile: I will pass it on to him :v: @TheAbu95


I see phat buds everywhere :joy: your girls are looking great Dennis :100: they are building nicely!! Your friends grow is looking great!! But not as good as yours :blush:
Peace and good will to you and All who follow :v::heart::potted_plant::sun_with_face:


Ha ha thank you my friend :v: I am very glad about the results of flowering period, girls are developing nicely :grinning: my friend says thank you also and I bought a ounce at the dispensary and shared it with him. @Brainsacco1 Happy weekend to you all


Good afternoon yall here we are at week 13 day 91 and 6 1/2 of flower and the girls are doing well today :blush: I am just balancing my ppms and today I got my loupe out to check tricomes fir first time. Hereโ€™s the closet today

I made a decision to not feed member berry anymore as she is getting pretty close. At 6 1/2 weeks into flower almost all of the pistols on member berry are almost all orange and her tricomes are mostly cloudy with a few amber on the sugar leaf so keep them cooking for a while longer :grinning: eleven roses except for the foxtails the pistols also are turning orange and the tricomes are mostly cloudy with some amber. But I have to say eleven roses sure is not ready at 45 days like breeder called for, and they got all the time they need I think lol :rofl: this is time for my apartment inspection, normally it is first week of April leaving me 5 weeks, but with the reason April its after bad weather BUT weather is not a issue lately so I worry but they will send letters to everyone, so no surprises. But I will keep putting one foot in front of the other and deal with that in time. I lost a couple weeks with a bad soil and a restart otherwise I would be putting my stuff up now or close to. Oh well here are the girls today
Member berry is almost there :yum: another week and we will see what she looks like :+1:

Eleven Roses is getting close also but I fed her today for the last time and like member berry will see where she is next week her light is at 18 inches above the canopy trying to slow foxtailing

And Mandarin sunset some pistols at mid plant and upper buds that are orange but mostly white pistols everywhere. She has lots of time left lol.

Here are my numbers lately

Anyway you guys hope you all have a great evening and a great week to come. :innocent: happy growing yall


Looks like a Wyvern?

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Wyverns have 2 legs, dragons have 4. Learn something new every day! Thanks Mr Google!

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Im with @Spudgunner I had to Google that one, I recognized it once I saw it. Lol :sweat_smile: thanks for stopping by and taking time to holler @JaneQP hope you guys are having a great day :innocent:

Plants are looking good growmie!
I see :fire: bud in your near future. Lol


Thanks my friend, yes sir not long now :+1::v: and a happy belated birthday :blush: hope all is well with you @4204life


:eyes: looks like a Vietnamese jungle in that closet! I bet they are smelling wonderful!


Hey @Thumper ha ha thank you man, :blush: absolutely amazing smell, but I am almost nose blind to it :flushed: people who come inside my apartment tell me its a skunky mj smell, I can only get a wiff of it when I am away from home for a few hours and as I walk in the first breath I smell it then poof gone. To me I smell what you smell when you are around orange blossoms or night blooming jasmine or a rose bush, sweet berry during late flower :grin: I can smell flowers every time I walk in my bedroom once they start producing tricomes but I canโ€™t describe it as weed lol. And theses girls have some awesome smells if you contact them buds and sniff your finger :sweat_smile: Mandarin sunset is a really sticky one!! Any thanks for stopping by my friend have a great week :pray:

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