Dehumidifier for Marijuana flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a rather urgent question going to flowering shortly. I think i am needing a significant dehumidifier…
Given my location-coastal with direct west facing air flow / a clean environment with nice air flow east west/my humidity is in the upper 60% with a full draw fan+ 2 minor input fans. I need to get a dehumidifier for my flowering stage/and probably for drying curing. My tent is 3.5 x3.5 x 7 in a 5x5x8 +closet with tent door and closet door fully open during light period which is currently 24/7 …can you recommend a brand for the closet space recommended up to 60pts?

Sorry, I can’t recommend a specific brand. It sounds like you already have all the specifics you need and have a plan. You have your specifications, just be sure you find a unit that can cover the area and air flow.

Look on ebay for a 30-50 qt./liter dehumidifier. Make sure it has an external drain fitting. Good Luck.