Deformed/mutated genetics on young plant

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I am looking for advice here. I typically grow out 1 plant at a time scrogged out in a 3x3 tent. For the last couple of harvests I have been taking white widow clones. Since I got the new gold leaf seeds I decided to change it up and run some gold leaf rounds. I germinated 1 seed and it has so far grown deformed mutated looking leaves only on the right side of the plant. I have attached a picture. Do you think this is a deformity that the plant will grow out of or should I scrap it and start a new seed? I still have another tent full of white widow mothers and clones so I’m not desperate for a new plant I was just getting tired of WW and ready for a new strain. It is in a 1 gallon pot in promix and fed with a well balanced 20-10-20 nutrient. Watered only when the pt feels light. Any advice is appreciated.

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What is the pH? The pH at the root zone as well as the pH of the water or nutrient mix is very important. Looks like it could be a pH related issue. It should do much better with the proper nutrients and proper pH. Also 20-10-20 is not necessarily a good balance for cannabis. The NPK ratios for tomatoes is a better balance for cannabis if you don’t get a nutrient system made specifically for cannabis. That 20-10-20 has a low phosphorous level and phosphorus is needed by young developing plants, it helps them develop a healthy root zone. You’d do better with a 10-10-10 or maybe a 20-20-20, but I don’t necessarily like to see nitrogen levels so high for such a young small plant.

Another thing to think about, and in another post from a newer grower recently, and growing golden leaf instead of his usual strain, this other person was also growing northern lights, northern lights and white widow are both strains that have been developed for a long time for indoor growing and for being easy to grow. Golden leaf is a strain that is a little more picky, it is a healthy strain, but you might not be able to get away with as many things out of the general optimal ranges for cannabis.

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If that was the case wouldn’t the deformities be on all the leaves if you look only the right side (or top side in the picture) are showing the mutated growth? In fact on most of those leaves on the right side half of the leaf blades are normal and half of the blades are deformed…I would think any nutrient or ph problem would not restrict itself to only one side of the plant…and nitrogen levels are all relative to the amount you mix into your water…I use 1/4 tsp per gallon

Twisted growth is often a result of pH problems. It could be a epigenetic thing as well, with only this one seed. Weird leaf growth on one side can also be caused by something that is only happening to that one side of the roots.

1/4 tsp of 20-10-20 also means lower phosphorous. It is all relative, everything is relatively lower at lower mixtures with the water. You half the recommended mixture and you get not only half the N at 20 to 10, but you get a lower P at 10 to 5 as well, for a 10-5-10. Hence the recommendation of a 10-10-10 being a better ratio.

Yes you want more nitrogen, in general, during the vegetative cycle, again 20-10-20 is just not the ideal ratio for any phase of growth. Something closer to a 4-8-7 is likely much better at this stage, or maybe 10-10-10 or even a 7-7-7 in the beginning and then transitioning to more of a 2-7-7 or 2-7-8 a couple weeks into flowering.

Knowing an accurate reading of what the pH is at in the root zone itself would make things more certain.