Defoliation and flower tips

Hey guys and gals do you think do these need defoliation? Any tips on exactly what to cut?

Any other tips for the best flower yield and results? Anything special I could add to dwc system other than appropriate nutrients? Simeth8ng like molasses or teas for soil?

These are technically week 8-9 from sprout but think I still have at least another month or so? What do you guys and gals think?

Auto flower Gorilla glue, critical purple, ak47
-Age of plant 9th week
-Method: DWC with 4 air stones
-Vessels: Plastic tote
-PH 6.0-6.1
-PPM of nutrient solution 1200-1400
-Method used to measure PH and TDS - pH and ppm meters
-Indoor size of grow space 4 x 3
-Light system LED
-Actual wattage draw of lights not sure
-Current Light Schedule 18 on 6 off - veg and bloom bulbs
-Temps; 68-70
-Humidity; 50%
-Ventilation system; Fans
-Co2; No
If growing Hydro some additional questions:
-Distance of liquid below net pot 2 inches with massive root balls in bath
-Temperature of reservoir 70
-TDS of nutrient solution 1300
-Amount of air to solution tons of air

fox farm trio on schedule
Cal magi

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8 weeks from sprout? Wow. Hydro is quicker.

I’d thin her out a little to maximize light penetration and airflow. Some of the stuff near the bottom of the plant can be removed too. It looks like she is flowering, so I wouldn’t take a whole lot off in one cutting at a time. You don’t want to stress her too much.

Awesome thanks so much for the reply. You actually helped me when I was wondering if I had a deficiency @ week 4 ish! Thanks again.

Yes 8-9 weeks as they sprouted just about July 1st.

Ps. This is the first time I’ve made it this far into a grow, hope I will finally get a harvest!

Any pro tips to make them grow some big nuggets?

Keep doing what you are doing.


If you dont thin that out your going to have tons of larf to trim. Id defoliate the bottom 3rd and thin out the center but thats just me


:pray: thanks very much… I feel like half the battle is stopping myself from doing too much!
I need to just walk away from them for a week lol.

Anyone feel like the times the seed banks give you as an estimate is not close at all? I guess every strain and every seed has its own unique genetics but I thought it would be closer. These seeds are “supposed” to be harvested at week 10 and this Thursday will be 9 weeks in , I see absolutely no chance of that right? I’m thinking more like week 14 or so as I have hardly any bud growth at all thus far.

Clean up the inside of the plant. Remove all the growth on the lower 3rd of the plant.

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I wish I could suck you through my computer to actually direct me just one time! I have never gotten this far and all the videos on defoliation kinda suck. Thanks for the advice though, I’ll give it a shot!

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Thanks so much guys and gals! Appreciate the tips and photos!

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Start from the bottom and strip down to the stems but only do that to the bottom 3rd of the plant. Then focus on the top 2/3rd of the plant. Start by removing a few of the smaller branches that won’t reach the top. Then remove a few large fans in the middle of the plant.

Start slow as you cant put them back on. Your plant looks very healthy so it will bounce right back in day or two an be just as bushy as it was before.

Here are a couple pics…this plant was really really bushy. 1st pic is after a major defoliation ( not recommending you do this). The 2nd pic is 2 days later. As long as the plant is healthy they will respond really well.

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These are not my pics I got them off google

Don’t do this

Do something more like this

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Awesome stuff, thank you all so much. Gonna give it a whirl over the next few days, will go slow.

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Most indica strains are 8 to 10 weeks from the first sigh of flowering. Sativas can take a couple of weeks longer.


I’ve seen guys have good results from plants like that but I’ve seen alot more shit plants come from those hack jobs.
Would take a pretty skilled grower to pull it off 100 % of the time and im not taking and chances. Highest I’ve ever gone was half way up and only did that once as a test.