Deficiency type and cause?

Hey all, I need help identifying the possible deficiencies seen in the pics.
7 gallon pot
Take N Bake soil kit
Unknown genetics from ILMG (goofed order):laughing:
6 weeks into flowering cycle.
Top dress with fish bone mill.
Watering as needed with drawn pond water. No PHing.
Overall health is good to go for now.


Blemishes on leaves are common and not really a concern unless it happens to a large majority in exactly the same way.
Tip burn is excess plant food and not a problem unless it effects more than just the tip like we see in your first pic.
The brown spot on the second pic could just be a little damage from find, bugs or just something dripped on the leaf.
I do see what looks like insect droppings. Might treat with Jacks Dead Bug.
Overall you look good.


From wind…I missed that mistake :rofl:

Thanks for the feedback.
I’ve been outside for the last four seasons now. Still learning too :wink:
I’m always looking to Stay ahead of problems when possible.

Where I’m at. We’ll hit 103 today. From now until Sept, it will range 98-105.

There are aphids on the plants, but there are also ladybugs, a mini version of some type. Those are on the hunt constantly for the aphids.

Most of the plant damage is either grasshopper or inch worm related.

Nothing is whack a mole out of balance. The biggest pest defense was putting up a screened off area. It doesn’t completely midi gate the pest. It did slow them down though. I’ve also employed Captain Jack’s along with neem oil.

Here’s one of the goof ups from ILMG. It should have been a Strawberry Cough photo feminized.
But wound up being an Auto of unknown genes. Talk about a curveball. No prior experience with Autos. But all seems on track. This one is at the start of its 8th week in flower.


:+1: all is well

I just try to imagine how hard it is to keep pollen away from a grow area where seeds are made. Unless a strain is grown on an island 200 miles from another grow and none of the staff ever leave then how on earth do they manage to avoid a random cross pollination at times.
Hepa filtered incoming air. Staff changing into clean fresh laboratory cloths before entering the room. It must be crazy.

Wow that made me stop and think for a moment. That’s a rabbit hole I could easily fall down to learn more about.
I fear the day when one of my neighbors decides they want to get a hemp license. You’ll probably see a grown man sob quietly to himself upon Hearing the news.

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Considering the money that is made it is probably well monitored. No doubt seeds are grown is areas separated by a lot of space.

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