Deficiencies with super soil with Autos

so i have two GSC extremes that i purchased from ILGM. Im using a super soil mix with a HLG 300 v2 in a 3x3 tent. Ive had no issues thus far, until today i notice alot of discoloring. My big girl on the right is showing signs of a deficiency with discolored leafs but im not sure what it is. My small one was stunted due to a limb being broken off in veg (theyre autos). If anyone has any insight id love to have some help.

Also i add ZERO extra nutes due to it being a super soil. I ph my water between 6.3-6.8 but that is it. Its been amazing up until now.

Is this what you are concerned about?

Yes, and the overall lime greenish color compared to my other plant.

I wouldn’t worry about the isolated area in the highlighted area. It is most likely genetic and is perfectly normal. We all experience that here and there.

The difference in tones probably is so as well, though you might have slightly less nitrogen available to the the lighter one. It really isn’t enough to worry about at all.

You’ve said super soil, which can encompass a lot of things. It may be time to start introducing nutes. Do you measure PPMs? What, specifically, is your super soil?

I really don’t think you have much to worry about.