Days 6 dwc grow

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Looking good!

Lookin good. Get them out of the same pot before it’s too late.

Trust me. Sorry for the bad photo - but this is two plants sharing one pot, I guarantee you it’s bad news.


Day 10. I believe that these mamas are coming up fast!

Unfortunately I don’t have a 5th bucket for the 2 sharing a bucket, so I guess I will count my loss on those 2. They are the runts out of the 5. These are Purple Haze feminized from ILGM. Any info on when I should top them would be greatly appreciated.


Autos or photoperiods?


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You can top em between nodes 4 and 6 pretty comfortably then. Autos I suggest ASAP but photos don’t care much, ample time to bounce back before you change the light cycle. :v:

Should I start to add molasses at this stage? In about 5 days I will begin topping 3 of the the plants. When would be a good time frame to start putting molasses into my fertilizer feed?

I add molasses when flowering begins. I’m not real sure what others do or what the proper procedure is.

RE: the leaf in the photo - I chalk that up to “new leaf weirdness.” New growth will look unusual quite often, especially for the first 3-6 sets of true leaves. Not real sure why, other than it seems to just be the plant figuring out it’s genetic code and learning how to grow properly. Nothing to worry about.

Thank you for all the information @graysin.

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Started flowering.

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Outta likes but looking good. Be ready to crank up the light to max. :v:

I have an adjustable ballast that runs from 600 watts to 1000 watts. Ive been on 600 watt so far. I planned to put crank it up after 4 days to let the plants adjust to the HPS bulb and the new light schedule. I appreciate you checking out my Topix and helping with very valuable information @Graysin. I will post fresh pix every week or at somebodys request.

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Yes sir once a week or as needed if complications arise! :v:t2::fire: