Day 53 of flowering

Thinking about ten more days then flush!


Got any pics in focus? :rofl::joy::rofl:

What strain?

53 days in flower, or since the lighting flip?

It does look close. Are you thinking 10 days, flush, then 2 weeks?


They were clones from a friend. He said og kush. 53 Since the flip. Here is a cple closeups! Sorry about the focus I have a bit of the shakes. image|375x500



Something in pic above caught my eye, are you battling with bugs or anything?


I noticed a lot of “spotted” leaves too.

As far as judging when they’re ready. There are rules of thumb, such as watching the trichomes on the buds, but none of them are the complete answer.

I go by time in flower, color of trichomes, density of buds and the overall health of the plant. It’s a fuzzy science.


Thx. This being my first indoor grow I’ve definitely had some trials my room is constantly been changing and upgrading I have a small bout with powdery mildew I think that’s what you’re noticing on the leaves. I’m ready to flush next week and start the next grow. I have super skunk autos first try with autos

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If you have/had pwm, do this. Definitely do this.


Do u know if this hurts the quality by washing away resin

I can’t answer definitively, but trichomes/resin are literally more “sticky” than tar. I can’t imagine anything short of gasoline washing it away.

I turn most of my bud into hash, and it’s not so easy to wash the resin off of my hands once I’ve separated it from plant matter. It’s really tacky.

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