Day 47 - Blue Dream (ilgm fem)

Dwbubble hydroponics - Sf1000 spider farmer light


I have a question about how you took those pictures. Was the lighting from your SF1000 only? Or did you use another light for the photographs. I have a Viparspectra VA1200 and when I take pictures the result is either really red or really blue but I can’t get a normal lit picture.

(Btw, I’m getting ready to buy a Spider Farmer SE3000)

My red pic…

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Sf1000 only on a samsung note 10+
Good luck! I am pleased with SF so far.

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So with that kind of system i would assume it would make keeping rh under control more easy? Less wet material compared to grow bags for instance?

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Does that SF1000 produce much heat? I’m thinking of switching my small veg tent over to that light.

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I tend to run run %45 Rh. Thats with some boost. My basement is very dry and would run %30s. I have no experience with grow bags though. I went straight to hydroponics.
Good luck!

No, top of my tent (above lighr) runs 85 or so. I keep 75ish at the plant itself. I have no experience with anything else but the sun though so I do not have a fair comp. That being said I love this light.

Good luck!

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Excuse me I have one of those 6” gasket how did you setup?

How long did it take to get that big?

You recommended something

Not sure what you mean. My hydropod came pretty much set up.

That 47 days from seedling

This is 35 days from seed. The one plant is a week late Bruce banner only 28 days old. You can see there are a lot of ways for a grow!

This is my first grow… So just learning the ropes… I might have to cut the roof off next time … Lol

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