Day 42 of flower for Gold Leaf in Octopots

Just showing off my lovely babies. Please excuse any drool on the floor…


Drool away. And, what do you have, another 30 days or so for them to get fat. Beautiful girls.

What fans are you using. I need a couple more.

These are getting cut Thursday or Friday


im assuming thats about right. First time running this strain. Got two more in veg that are gonna be much bigger. Im looking at yours while I type and its giving the giggles already! Those are Secret Jardin Monkey fans…so i think i got a bad batch cause everytime i see someone else with them they love them. I brought 3. I put those two up and the one on the left stopped oscillating after 2 weeks then the one on the right after 2 months. I havent even opened the other cause im so annoyed. I waited almost a month for them to come…$40 each too


Sorry to here that about the fans. I have had one running 24/7 for almost two years. Figure that out. I have been hesitant about getting more because of others experiences like yours.
I have two plants in a 3x3. Unfortunately I had a bit of a mold problem and had to cut out some nice buds. But saved the rest with a peroxide spray

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Yes indeed
I purchased 2 and I’m not kidding you I had them replaced 5 times and they start off with the oscillating feature breaks and stopped oscillating then either a few weeks or so they would just stop working all with in 3 months.
I finally told them I just wanted refund because they were straight junk.
They agreed
Sorry to say they are absolutely nothing but junk and a waste of money

damn it…why is it so hard to make an oscillating fan for a tent??? I found some on sale at but im hesitant…

If they are the monkey brand dont get them

they are branded growbud and have a nice clip that hugs the pole lol

If they work with no flaws might be worth it
But I have learned with a 6 inch fan in each corner and at least an 8 inch above lights works great for air flow.
I gave up on oscillating fans for now lol

Im doing almost the same. The two crap fans are stationary, blowing over the canopy. Then i have this Vornado fan oscillating under the canopy. I love that one, its been going strong for almost a year.

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If you can hang that up with a rope ratchet you are golden lol

I looked at Growbuds too. I’m thinking about using a couple ratchets and hang a couple of small fans instead

Yes , that’s what I’m talking about even canopy tent full of buds. Great job !

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I have two fans in my 32x72" closet. One on the ceiling and another on the opposite end-wall


Thank you very much. Im very proud of my babies. Just had the wife yell at me for starring at them. LOL

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