Day 15! What do I do? Nothing?

I’ve got a 2x2x7 with 3 auto flowers started. Blueberry, Amnesia Haze and Northern lights. Last night I took the domes off and this morning gave them a good drink because they just looked thirsty and the dirt was dry. I have the fox farm trio but wasn’t planning on starting that for a few weeks since they are in a good soil. Anything I need to be doing?


The one thing I would do next time you water it is give it a heavy watering. You want the soil moist all the way down to the bottom of the pot. Then comes the hardest part of all… leave it alone for 5-7 days.

You want the pot to dry out from the top down, yet have moisture further down that encourages the roots to search it out. If you keep the “little bit a day” type of watering schedule the roots will never develop outside the little dab of water you give it.


Ok, thank you. I’ll definitely do that. I put a little clamp fan in there today too as it was getting a little hot.

Day 16 I did a heavy watering. Today is day 20 and the top of the soil is pretty dry but the pots feel heavy and wet towards the bottom. I started getting some curling a day or two after that so I raised the light a couple notches, but now I’m getting some more curling. Any tips? I haven’t started feeding them yet.


Looking really good!