Day 13 is this in veg yet first time grow

Is this still a seedling or is it in veg i cant move light closer yet either was causing canoeing but fixed that by raising light back to 46 inches i have a 2000w led 450 true with a par of 1700 12 inches away which i only moved it from 46in to 36in and 36 was too much so it is back at 46in and canoeing stopped and went back to normal so i just need to know when it is in veg state again this is day 13


Healthy looking seedling

Veg and seedling are the same thing, imo. Seedlings are just really frail vegging plants. once they lose their cotyledons, they’re vegging even if they’re small. They’ll be fragile but not like a fresh sprout.

Veg for me is when there is green on the stem. The heck with raising the light so high. Does it not have a dimmer?

No just switches


FYI you should be top-watering at this point until roots show below the net pot. Water level 1 1/2 to 2" below net pot.


I have been top watering once a day water level is 1 inch below net pot roots have made it all the wat to the water tap made it to bottom of bucket very white and healthy looking

Lower the water level to 3” below and stop top watering if the roots are all the way down into the water after lowering the water level. Keep at it if the water level is a lil too low for the roots to be in there well. :v: sorry if it’s unsolicited advice, just somethin’ I wish someone told me while I was starting off. 1-2” is okay but 3” is the sweet spot for lots of air roots and enough water left in the bucket to really be good.

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