Damm Im coming back Ugly but havin fun

Well Irma wrecked SW Florida and Damm I took a hit - But you know it worked out for the best - Its been about a month since Irma Wacked the living @$!# out of Naples Florida - But hell nobody got hurt and life goes on. Since i had started to feel some heat for my operation, Prior to Irma and you gotta trust your gut … Not sure but it was getting kinda big for a small town in Florida - Irma fixed that problem. But she was one bad ass blowin bitch -

I am proud to say now i have a warehouse in Colorado on a large ranch “I call it wacko 5” now and we are currently building it out for the cultivation of good quality stuff, Still have to figure out how to get the stuff back to FL but that will come. Thinking of putting it in cars and shipping them to Naples as seasonal ones! but that problem is way out,

So this year the heart issues, and Irma have knocked me, but you know - cant complain Kids are fine and life is still sunny and good, this has been a game for years for and now it is much safer, and at my age of 50 time to settle and do what i do best. Like any good grower I pushed to hard, now its game on!

Sorry i could not help much here but i have been hauling stuff and setting up - 1421 miles away - I will make it up when i get back and set up -

No Im not totally legal yet in CO but @$!# way more safer then here - but running from FL to CO is going to kick my ass!

Hope all is well and yes i saved a gaggle of clones and nursed him and saved him without electric, and they are happy in there new clone room in CO. My main stock did make it - and my pig made it also!

Like Yoda Said — “what did that little dude actually say>'”

I don’t smoke it but just produce it - Cheers Vodka in hand and a all is well


Yes all is well brother, good luck, Godspeed and Happy growing :wink:

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