Damage or Pest?

This is a picture of the top most leaf on one of my plants.

Is this possibly a pest eating the leaf? Or could it just be damage since I just added a trellis net and lollipopped two days ago and might have been to rough on this one?


Looks like bug damage to me. If you don’t see them easily. Wait a couple hours after lights out and check with a flashlight.


I have a little hand help microscope, could not find any movement on them, but this was with lights on. Do the bugs only come out during lights off?

Was hoping it was damage, since it was my first time ever adding a net or lollipopping. Not really sure what to do if it even is pests.


Most of them are sensitive to light intensity of a typical indoor grow. They’re still around during lights on, but not sitting on top of leaves waiting to be found. That’s why i suggested waiting until lights are out for a while and checking.


That’s a bummer, pest munching on leafs .
Might try hanging a couple of the yellow sticky papers.
Good luck

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I put a katchy (link for context below) in there for a few hours with lights off.
Did not catch anything. Looked on top of the plants and could not see anything as well.

I need to keep a close eye on it.


Its damage bro it was probly tiny and folded over when ya did it so ya didnt see it till the damage grew a little bit, them tops are fragile it dosnt take much. Iv done the same thing and asked myself the same question but if there aint no poop there was no bug

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Bugs tend to be a little tidyer when they feast. It almost always ends up with round smooth edges when its bugs

That is what I am hoping for. This is my first grow and I literally just added the net and lollipopped two days ago, and might have just been to rough.

Im sure thats the case keep up the good work