Cut Fan leaves for sun light for buds

Is it OK to cut big fan leaves and some other big leaves so bugs get sunlight to grow? Can I cut more than just a couple of leaves so that they can get down through the plant?


Buds don’t need or use light. They are only 5% as effective at photosynthesis as leaves are. The leaves will take care of the plants needs for nutrient manufacture. Those nutrients (sugars) are transported where they are needed in the plant via the stem system.

As there is plenty of room within the plant’s canopy, I would leave the leaves on. The plant needs them and airflow within the canopy is good.


Thank you very much. So much to learn.

When they start flowering, The fan leaves will dispose of thereself , There job is done they turn yellow and fall off or like me i help them, The fan leaves on your plant is healthy I agree leave them

Thank you so very much Nip.

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You’re plants look healthy, They will make some good Bud’s, what strains do you have there?

I didn’t know that. Good piece of knowledge there! Is LST still helpful then?

Light penetration is still important and you don’t want an overly dense plant, but the idea that buds themselves need light is a myth. The training therefore shouldn’t be accomplished with the objective of getting light to the buds. The only training I do is topping and that necessary to maintain good airflow within the plant. I otherwise leave the plant to do its thing on its own.

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Should I trim some of these leaves off? I don’t know if trimming it up would benefit it or trimming. It would hurt it.


Howdy Eddie
I would leave them on.

It needs every leaf it has left… but more importantly…
What’s this cool looking contraption? :grin: