Customs seizere and letrer

This was not from an ILGM order but from MGS out of Spain. I recieved one like this years ago except for one big difference, this one is on a department of Homeland Security letterhead.

In case you can’t see the pic it reads.

Narcotics or other contraband, prohibited from entry into the United States, have been seized and removed for appropriate action under 19 cfr 145.59. You will be receiving correspondence from our fines penalties and forfeitures branch in the near future.

Has anyone else seen these on DHS letterheads instead of Customs like in the old days?

Been hunting the Casey Jones Strain for some time the one place I find that has it has crappy shipping stealth that I paid 15 bucks extra for. It came in a plain white envelope with bubble wrap.

Never seen that one. But thats why i shop with guaranteed banks now (or pay extra for guaranteed shipping). Sucks majorly ill admit tho.

Also a GREAT reason never to get grow stuff shipped to the op address. ANYWHERE else but here. ESPECIALLY when coming through customs…

Sorry bro. Good luck with the strain hunt

I did pay for garunteed shipping and have used MGS as many of us have before. I’ve just never personally recieved nor have I seen another letter on a DHS letterhead instead of Customs for cannibis seed.

Been using that letter head for a quite a few years now. I wouldn’t worry a bit. besides the treasure you was hoping for.

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DHS is kinda taking over since 9/11

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If they do a pedophile bust around here it’s always department of homeland security that’s included in the bust they are now Americas police

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Yeah, guess your right, I must be getting old. Well I just haven’t gotten one of these in many many years.

The whole DHS thing is what got me, as I immediately looked for men in Black suites! Customs, DHS, Helicopters all trying to catch medicine seeds.100 years from now everyone will laugh about these stories.

Legalize Marijuana, free the magical weed.


Wish em well there, but they should leave folks medicine alone. No wonder everyone is able to Hack, bomb and steal our money the folks whose job it is to stop them are too busy hunting seeds! Sad but very true.


I had the a very similar paper in a package before. Just reship should be fine. Another way that’s helpful to get seeds through customs, is to order a souvenir with the seeds. Coffee cup, T-shirt, pants, etc, to get it through. Hasn’t failed me yet.


“Sorry fellas, no idea what this package was or where it came from.” I’d be shocked if you actually heard something from them.


Yeah no worries I don’t get seeds here, but I still can’t believe they confiscated 3 what evidently are rare seeds and sent someone other than me a letter! It was the DHS letterhead that got me as in the old days it said Customs.

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Thought I did, as I paid the extra 15. All Dutch orders are usually sent in a shirt or something. This package came from Spain this time though. Oh Well hope the theives enjoy the Casey Jones.


Probably be worse if this were to happen. We’ll be limited to “approved varieties” and whatever other garbage they can come up with to make sure politicians pockets are lined first.


That’s what I have been worried about. How can they get richer altering this crop.


So did they follow up? Did anything happen? Got the exact same notice in the mail today. Order came from spain as well

Just contact the company and they’ll reship usually. @Ggsc

No, was yours from MGS too? There shipping sucks no wonder they caught it.

No it was from herbies. I was just cleaning house completely in case they decide they want to do something about it. Sucks but i live in a red state and its not legal yet. Glad you’re still free. Hopefully they leave us both alone

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This ain’t my first rodeo with this, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. I’ve never heard of them following through.