Curly locks on new growth

What is the typical cause of brand new growth twisting and curling. I am in FF happy frog soil, and in early/mid veg… have a low ph problem I have been correcting, and ppfd from lighting is about 350 -400 ppfd.

I assume it may be a combination of low ph, causing nutrient lockout and possibly mild light stress, but due to the fact that light is 24”-30” away with 500 wat led, I assume the light isn’t the problem.

Could humidity also be a factor if humidity goes into the upper 50’s?

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First off, New growth that young hasn’t even grown out yet should fix itself. A lot of my new growth will come out semi curled.

More importantly can you get a little more specific with your numbers.

Are you running off you’re watering’s?

Are you feeling them anything?

What type of water are you using and what is your feeding intake numbers (along with your outtake run off numbers?)

How long has this pH low swing been happening?

What’s the temperature in your tent?

Answering the above questions will absolutely help us better answer your questions


Ph problems can be fixed with ph up or ph down. You can find these products at your farm and garden or a hydroponic store. I agree with lost girl new growth curling isn’t anything to worry about at this point. Humidity isn’t a problem, standard is 55-70% in veg stage

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