Curling leaves within 24hrs

Just planted in FFOF wiith a little coco loco towards the top. Starters were purchased from dispensary. 4 GDP, 1 Zkittlez and 1 og. Purchased in Rockwool than moved to FFOF & CL. It has been less than 36 hrs and they seem to be turning for the worst. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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To get things started I recommend you have a look at this visual Symptom Checker… it’s a great future reference

:point_right: I❤GM Symptom Plant Checker :point_left:

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It’s going to take them a minute to root they just had a hard transplant it looks like five them a day or 2 to recover from that.

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How much roots did they have?

The roots were coming thru bottom of rockwool. Dispensary where I bought them made it clear they should go directly into soil with 24hrs of light for atleast 1 week


Yeah I’ve seen some plants do wierd things while getting roots developed they take energy from the top of plant to work on the bottem.

should i be watering them until I get a runoff from bottom of fabric pot ? ( 1 gallon pot )

You should always water till you get run off once the plant is old enough while rooting they won’t need to be water as much as a plant that has a fully developed root system just a FYI
In a week or two you should see new growth won’t take long for them to fill a 1 gallon pot
I start my bean in cups then. Transfer to 1 or 2 gallon cloth pots then one last time to a 5 or 7 gallon indoors
Happy growing :v:CB