Curling leaves problem

Any reason why one of my two girls whom both have the exact same treatment yet one has curling leaves?

Last photo is the healthy looking plant of the two

If its what i experienced, they called it crinkling. Mine grew out of it but it was stunted compared to the others, by about 3 weeks when i went to flower. Yield was liw but smoke was fire.

And i have no idea what causes it. It only happened to me once, but your the third one ive seen today.

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I picked up the pots and there were wet underneath. Wonder if overwater?

Thats what i thought caused mine. But people told me that wasnt it. I dont know.

My are an auto flower Girl Scout extreme

Mine was a photo skunk#1

@Hellraiser would love to hear your thoughts?

Might be a bit of over watering, but I think it has genetic issues, it’s a bit tarded, not all seeds make a perfect plant.


Cheers thanks for the reply

Ever figure this problem out? I’m thinking genetic also. Its happening to my plant now and if you notice, some of the leaves are fine but there aren’t many leaves to begin with. Really strange. Btw- This is not a strain I purchased here.

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