Curling it time to flush?

time to flush maybe, planted may 12th…

No I don’t think so I would.
To me she looks very thirsty water her real good and see what happened in a couple of hours.


Could be overwatered, or root aphids, or pH, or heat…
…but definitely, water uptake issues.

@nugsrgood, how about some details?

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Thanks. Had a gallon yesterday at 5:30 am been really hot here lately. 105 plus.

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Yeah, I’d say she thirsty.
How big is the pot? How long does the soil stay damp?

Ten gallon felt getting lighter in the 95 degree heat today.

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For a ten gal pot she might need more, I use 1 gal to feed mine in a 5gal felt pot. Water slowly until you see runoff.


When its going to be really hot and if you water in the morning the water can over heat the roots by transferring the heat and it look like this.
I get weeks of 45c+ (115f) here and we need to water at night and give just a little in the mornings or this can happen.
Mostly this happens in razed garden beds and pots.

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