Curling fan leaves?

Hey guys,

Just received some fem seeds from this site but in the meantime have been experimenting with this plant for the last 6 weeks. Not sure if it is male or female and again it’s just an experiment as i am beyond novice and rely on this forum and other videos for learning the ropes. It’s currently planted in a 3 gallon pot. Using reg water and fox farm grow with fox farm soil.
Haven’t hooked up my quantum board lights yet so in the meantime i have it under a vivosun 600w led.
It appears the fan leaves are curling or cupping? They don’t look healthy to me. Any suggestions as to why?
Also, my current set up is in closet as I’m waiting to purchase grow tent with exhaust. Any tips on masking smell if you aren’t able to set up exhaust in closet?


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Probably over watering and it’s damping off.

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