Is it possible to cross breed A cannabis plant with A tomato plant??? Just wondering…

I have heard of some interesting experiments kinda like that. It might be possible in a way but not truly “breeding”. I’m pretty sure strawberries can be ‘grafted’ onto cannabis plants and the strawberries will grow healthy and it supposedly adds a strawberry flavor to the plant’s bud’s smoke or vaporization flavors.

That… would be the best salad ever!

Ha ha, yup, just be sure to eat the strawberries, and if you really want some cannabis leaves. I don’t recommend the stems. And smoke the cannabis flowers, not the other way around. Smoking the strawberries or the strawberry’s leaves wont do anything for ya, lol.

lol strawberries huh? Might give it A try . ok while were at it , A friend grafted, graphed,??? 3 different fruits to 1 tree he called it his fruit cocktail tree. I never saw it I am not sure I believe it…lol

Breeding entirely different plants together may not be possible, but grafting is much more forgiving, it is entirely possible to graft many different fruit tree’s branches onto one tree. Fruit | UMN Extension