Cupcakes hectic tent party:first run in soil and plant reversal

What’s up guys. Been a while since I’ve jumped on the forum due to work being absolutely insane with building right now (I work in carpentry).

This marks my 1 year anniversary of growing this wonderful plants. From killing a first clone to running coco for a while and changing between general hydro and switching to house and garden. I learned so much from here and other forums during this time and still learn something new everyday. I wanted to give soil a try as most of my friends live soil runs just had more flavor than mine and I love running experiments.

So far I’ve spent around 4k in the past year and now have 3 4x4s running and a 2x2 with an aero cloner.

Photodump of previous plants and then I’ll dump my current ishhh


Currently flowering out clones of these 4

Tropicanna cookie bx (black and green pheno)

Treated these girls like crap and left them in an aerocloner until they were growing single blade leaves as an experiment to see how far I could bring them back with just water and microbes. Here’s them at week 5 from the get.

Took the black pheno of the trop (back right) as she is a consistent monster and proven she’s ready to breed so put a cut in the middle of clones of all and reversing her and letting loose on the ladies. Will flip week after my sts arrives.


Awesome growing!


Last tent I have some white truffle and a couple star dust by freshcoast in here. Planning on flipping these with the fuck tent to stay on same schedule. Finishing these in 7s so I’ll flip smaller to avoid and deficiencies. Love the soil route so far and smell is really improved to me but still much to learn. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy growing :call_me_hand:


Very nice! Like the lineup :call_me_hand:t3:

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Sweet garden!

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Appreciate it fellas. Just letting them roll right now

Flowering tent is on day 39 and the color changes and smells are really starting to pop off. Doing a feed of h&garden at around 500ppm every other watering while I work on getting natural ammendments down.

Been spraying the middle trop clone with sts for last couple days. I remove it from tent while I can but flipping to flower in next few days and will keep looking for sacks. Will be hitting to my other couple trops, mimosa, and dolato as long as I’m reading my plants correctly. Took clones off each before the flip

White truffles and star dust are doing great so far. Trying to stay good on not overwatering and keeping them happy. Will flip in a week or so and start checking star dust to make sure I don’t get a male in there