Cultivating Chaos with Madam Calamity & Low

Following along! I am learning! Should have my 55gal drum this week! I am going to run 4 at a time and maybe toss an auto once in awhile. 5 gal… hopefully 55 gal will be more than enough for my grow. Thanks for all you do!


All right all right here we go that’s going to be a wicked scrog :100:
Can you roll your table to one side when needing to trim the plants then push it to the other to get to the other side so you would have two and a half 3 ft as you lean in there to work


Appreciate ya! It’s been plenty for us too thumper we usually have 8-10 mature plants at a time and it usually would last 7-8 days…

@JJ520 thanks! yeah that’s what we set it up for but the castors don’t want to move easily… I don’t get it. In the beginning I could move the whole table with 1 hand fairly easy. Now it’s a pain, and it’s tearing up the paint in the floor.


Dooooo iiiiiiit…


Awesomeness! @Low and @MadamCalamity All I can say is that the “Chaotic Lab of Canna Cultivation” is looking to get busier now that the net is put up. I can see y’all doing rock, paper, scissors when tuck time comes! :grin: Would two 4x4 tables work better if you use the net next grow around? I know it’s already tight in there. Just wondering. :thinking: Still got a Great grow and always tuned in! :+1: :+1:


LOL! I’ve not considered rock paper scissors… hmm

As for the separate tables, I thought about that too, specially because they are easier and cheaper to get locally. The problem is the extra components for feed and run off. Greater chance of a failure somewhere if a leak happens.

I initially planned on doing a steel rail system so it just slides left and right, but I couldn’t find anything. The castors have a 200lb limit each I didn’t imagine this could have been a problem. It’s solid flat concrete.


Yeah, keep it simple for now as best ya can. :ok_hand: You two are doing a great job and we’re ALL learning with ya! I’m sure y’all have an upgrade list for next session. :grin:

I’ve found the casters on the large harbor freight furniture dolly work decent but not sure on the non-marring part. Depends on if ya have one close by to McGiver some new wheels. :v:

BTW - Happy belated :partying_face: Birthday! @Low


Try putting like six of those furniture dollies under the table from harbor freight they each have four wheels it will more spread out the load that way each wheel is not digging in so if you have 6 dollies you will have 24 Wheels should work a lot better as far as non-marring sometime down the road put in epoxy coating on your floor you can get the little kids pretty cheap these days


Should have used 4in casters they would roll alot better not all casters are created equally lol


Wait, what?
I upgraded my air pump this grow, could that be the cause of my suddenly new ph problems?


Marred floor or not y’all have such an interesting laboratory :lab_coat:, I totally agree with @Audiofreak lol!! Quite enjoyable watching this adventure!!


Thank you! Another year down

Ok just looked into HF and the dolly systems they have, I see the square ones that have 4 wheels and 1000LB limit and I see the ones with 3 wheels. The 3 wheeled ones are like $2 but out of stock because they are on sale around here.

I don’t have enough experience with castors and was just looking at weight capacity and size, was trying to stay as low as I could.

Will figure out something eventually.

Drift is normal just happens a little more when you are aerating… not a huge deal if you are correcting pH before using. I just don’t use that stuff so I don’t have to correct as frequently. Jacks seems to do fine without any wave makers or bubblers.

Thank you very much, we are happy to have you. You all are like our support system. lol.

Hope everyone has a good day!


I had a custom enclosure built for a old reptile enclosure guy used 2in casters and i could barely move the thing swapped them out for 6in that thing glided like a hot knife through butter without force mind you it was probably around 500lbs also lol


So what I’m hearing, regardless of weight rating, 2 inch castors are trash? lol.

Lesson learned


At least we now know what works and what doesn’t. Now we can tweak things accordingly for the next run.


Nah id still use the proper weight rated wheels these are what i used for my reptile enclosure
QNCZ 4" Caster Wheels, Outstanding Casters Set of 4 Heavy Duty, Silent Industrial Casters, Locking Casters Wheels for Furniture, Castor Wheels for Cart, Workbench.


Seems like I’m doing that in one tent or 2 each run :laughing::laughing::love_you_gesture:


Seems like that bit never stops! Haha

Thanks @LiesGrows for the link


Absolutely buddy those wheels also shouldn’t maul up the floor either


It’s all part of the game you’ll have it tuned in and no time and it’ll pretty much run on auto pilot :wink: