Cultivating Chaos with Madam Calamity & Low

As some of you are aware @low has been working on a grow room. He has asked me to start a new journal for this adventure that we will be sharing. Low and I have always grown together but separately over the years. We both have had different goals but share the same end goal when it comes to growing cannabis and that’s to grow the best quality that we possibly can. Having a grow room has been something we’ve always talked about but we never thought we could bring to fruition. It’s interesting how life works out but here we are! A dream that has turned into reality. We are both extremely lucky and very excited for what’s to come next. We initially planned on going much larger, but we are starting here, and maybe one day we will refer to this room as a veg, mom, and clone room.

With this room we have a mars hydro fc-e8000 and a gs8600 spider farmer light. We are possibly considering throwing up some fgi uva lights that we have that’s been sitting in storage. We got 2 16” hurricane fans and a bada$$ 4X8 rolling table with drainage that low built. We both have picked 9 strains each that we would like to fill this room with. It’s going to be a turn and burn type of deal. Most of the seeds are regs. We start 3-4 seeds per reg strain… that means a LOT of time spent sexing, and a lot of monitoring. So we want a short veg. The plants that make it to final pots will have clones taken just in case there are any stand outs. As we are considering making our own genetics in the future.
Here is our list of genetics that we will be dropping soon!

Low’s Picks

Ogre Breath (reg)- 808 genetics
GMO x Meatbreath
Bad Neighbor (reg)- 808 genetics
GMO x Animal Cookies 1x
NYC Diesel (reg)- Bliss genetics
Sneaky Freaky (reg)- @repins12
Stealth Fighter x Freakshow
Green Chemshine Crack (reg)- @repins12
Liquor Cookies Moonshine x Chem D x Green Crack
Ruby Juice x Cindy 99 (reg)- @Graysin
Widows Breath (fem)- @Graysin
Peanut butter Breath x Widow
Vegas Girl (reg)- 808 genetics
Wedding Cake x Meatbreath

Low’s Backup

Peanut Butter Thunderfuck (fem)- @Graysin

Madam’s Picks

Apple Fritter (fem)- ILGM
Sour Apple x Animal Cookies
Iced Skunk (fem)- Canuk seeds
White Widow x Skunk
Strawberry Cough (fem)- ILGM
Muffin Top (reg)- Bliss genetics
Tropicana Cookies x Chubb Fetish
Truffle Fries (reg)- 808 genetics
GMO x Criptonite
Nipsey Truffle (reg)- 808 genetics
Black Truffle x Sunrise Papaya
Garlic Brittle (reg)- 808 genetics
GMO x Candy Machine
Kushy Kush (fem)- Canuk seeds
Midnight Snack (fem)- @CoyoteCody

Madam’s Back Up

Strawberry Slush (fem)- Pure Breeding
Strawberry Sugar Cookies x Hazy Kush




Nice to see yall finally come out thebgrow tent lmao amazing picks for strins impo exciting tonsee things rolling so quickly over there


What an impressive undertaking!


Outstanding spectacular extravaganza Shazam. Bookmarked following of course


It’s going to be a ride, that’s for sure!


Bravo to you both and a million tons of successful vibes sent your way :clap: :sparkles: :raised_hands:


Oh I know so doesn’t the rest of the Growmies i get a little jealous when I see whats going on in your world brother now a tag team Freaking Awesome


Congrats on the rm gonna be a wicked team✌🏻


This venture adventure sounds pretty awesome! :+1: :+1: Congrats! @Low and @MadamCalamity Set to watch this co-grow-laboration !! :v:


Great union of 2 phenomenal cultivators! I see some epic runs in the future. Well done Growmies :love_you_gesture:


I was born ready for this. Giddy up and drop those beans already.
I can never think of any good puns until it’s too late.
Set to watch


Awesome!!! Congrats to you guys. Always feels good when we up our game!


Wow, this is gonna be awesome.


Thanks guys! Team work makes the dream work :sunglasses: It’s gonna be epic! Not gonna lie it’s gonna be a little weird at first since we both had our own little areas for our tents but it’s gonna be fun! I still can’t believe this is happening lol I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole and ending up in wonderland.

Today we dropped the beans

Unfortunately we couldn’t find the Muffin Top in our handy dandy case. Kinda a bummer, the Tropicana cookies really caught my eye. So we dropped the strawberry slush in its place.


Thank you everyone for all for the kind words. If definitely is a little weird, but it should be fun and chaotic. Haha


I know we had talked about proximity but I had no idea MadamCalamity was close to you :man_facepalming:

Best of luck to both of you!


You know I’m sitting in my rocking chair for this grow! Watching in the wings.


Ooooh, it’s getting fun!!!


Idk whos more excited you two or me :rofl: