Cropping Photo-Period plants before flowering begins?

I am doing a basic outdoor gardening, having started my seeds indoors and moved to pots and raised beds when just a few inches tall. My first wave of plants are autoflowering (Lowryder and Wedding cake). A month or so later I started White Widow and GrandDaddy Purple photo-period plants the same way.

They are all outside now. The autoflowering ones are flowering now, see pics. The shorter ones are Wedding Cake, the taller ones, one full and one skinny, are Lowryder.

The ones all in a row upstairs in grow bags are the White Widow and GrandDaddy. No flowering yet of course.

My question here has to do with topping. I think it’s too late to think about topping my auto strains because they have been flowering for several weeks now, but what about my photo-period plants? Should I top them now?

Thanks in advance.


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Don’t top in flower


You can top photos here in the northeast you probably could top until the 3rd week in July

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