Critique my nutrients please

My guy, thanks for the confidence to give it another go!

Here’s my jar with over 20 tops in it. I’ve since split into 2 jars of about 10 or 11 each. You can see how I’ve cut the points off the leaves…this sends a signal to the plant that this leave can’t be trusted to continue supplying energy to the plant, so it better look elsewhere. It forces the plant to root faster and generate new growth as well.

In this pic, you can see the roots. I put about an inch or 2 of medium in the bottom, and then sprinkled some ProMix rooting compound on top then placed the clone on top (like plant on left) then bury. But the powder at this point is optional.

Unfortunately, I do this with all my cuttings I take to open the plant up or when I thin my canopy. Now I’m stuck with 10 extras, 20+ in these 2 jars, and I threw 37 away from my other plant!

I would have had another 30+ clones if I didn’t just chuck them. It did bring a tear to my eye when I did that :cry:

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@Westdogg ok here are some pics of her.
She broke surface end of Feb, topped April16 flipped to 12/12 May 15.


Is it a problem that their lime green still? Towards the 1st week of flower and no issues up til this point

@JikJikkles They’re still looking healthy! New growth can come in looking lighter, nothing to worry about.

Oh, my jar of cuttings from above, I looked at it the other day and planted another 5 that had rooted!! And a couple more in there with 1" or 2" single white roots coming out, they will need planting next week.

Did you try this with any of your cuttings before they went too far into flower?

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What would you say this looks like to you? They were directly under the light so I shifted it best i could at the moment but they may get tied down?

I did what you recommended but leaving them outside the wind blew them out the cup so ill be having another go with some others I just planted once this crop is done

Looks like heat stress from the lights. How close were they to your light?

I just went back and you have a 1000w hps! I probably still have burn marks on my back from when I used one in the late 80’s, trying to water the back row!

Sorry for the picture quality but does it look like ita time to harvest? I would think so right?


@JikJikkles I’d definitely agree your in the window but would decline making a decision from here without some up close and personal trich images to confirm that with. :+1:t2::sunglasses:

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What item would you recommend for that? Used a couple different ones but nothing i was really happy with


I use this but when I want to share pics I use this text*

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Man that’s a tent fulla awesomeness!! Autos? They are super happy n healthy!! :green_heart:

Welcome to the party @GCJunkie !!

:grin: thank you

Yes they are auto’s. Gorilla glue and drunk bears???. 7 weeks from germination

Your yields gonna be nice with those. Got a lot of bud sites there!!