Critical mass auto

I just harvested this critical mass auto (purchased from ILGM). I missed these balls when it was growing! It is a hermie, isn’t it? Does this strain tend to produce hermies or was it likely stress? It did have thrips and I treated it before it was flowering. Growing outdoors in Southern CA, fabric 15 gal pots with FF ocean forest. Removed from other plants, but I don’t want to repeat what did this if I can help it. Just sprouting my second round. Thanks!

Nice job! Looks really good, those are swolen calaxis, (missspelles for sure) nothing to worry about. Happy gardening


Calyxes :slight_smile:

I was close, lol thanks

Did you pop one of those open? That looks like seeds over swollen calyx’s, but I can’t be sure.

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I popped one open- they’re empty. They sure are sticky! For future refence, does it look like I harvested too early? I didn’t see any white pistils until I hanged it to dry- they were all underneath! Or can they develop once you cut it? I thought I looked it over pretty well. Thanks for all of the responses!!

Well, if those are calyx’s I would have to think it was ready for harvest.


Thanks! Whoo- hoo!! :grinning: