Cree cxa2530 36v

I use Optic 6 LEDS, one of them had a bloom booster panel fail and I got new panels from Optic (can’t beat that service). I have 3 3500K and 3 5000K COBs leftover and wondered if they were any good for additional light

The COBs are marked CREE 2530N (Datasheet says this is CXA2530 36V). I’d like to add another 3-400W of light to my setup to get to 50W/square foot.

  • Are these COBs worth using? Or are they so out of date I would do better getting a new light?
  • Is the ‘bin’ marked on the COB anywhere?
  • Any suggestions for heatsinks?
  • Any suggestions for drivers?


You need to talk with @dbrn32 as the Light Guru.

Nothing printed on back? If you have whole order code you could pull bin assignment.

I scrubbed off the heatsink compound and nothing :frowning:

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Bummer, they would be on the tray packaging otherwise.

To answer bigger part of your question, they are probably worth using if you have top couple of bin codes. But cost of remaining components is pretty expensive to build out so so leds.

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Y, I thought that might be the case. Thanks for taking a look

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